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Kids, take the challenge! Read one book a day for 1 month and win a free book! Print the Book-a-Day Log (below), read a book-per-day, fill out the log and the date each book was read, have your parents review your log and send your log to us, along with mom or dad's e-mail address. The first 5 children to return their completed Book-a-Day Log to us, will receive a free book! To mail your completed Book-a-Day Log to us, see our
Contact Us page.

Click the PDF or Word RTF format to download and print the Book-a-Day Log (2 pages will print).

The Book-a-Day Log includes enough space for recording a month's worth of books read, along with the date the books were read, the authors' names, what children liked about each book, and extra space on Page 2 for drawing the cover of books they liked the best!

PDF Format
Click the Book Log sheet, shown here, to print the PDF (2 pages will print):

RTF Format
Click this Book Log sheet, below, to print the Word file (2 pages will print):


For book suggestions in all grade levels from K-12, click Books to Read.

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