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May 2018
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Weekly Homeschool Lessons & Curriculum

Go to our Weekly Homeschool Lessons by clicking the links, below:

Grades K-2 Lessons, click: K-2 Lessons page.

Grades 3-6 Lessons, click: 3-6 Lessons page.

Grades 7-9 Lessons, click: 7-9 Lessons page.

Grades 10-12 Lessons, click: 10-12 Lessons page.

Upper High School Lessons, click: Teens Place page.

Preschoolers Page, click: Preschool Place page.

Homeschool Curriculum Guidelines

Consult these flexible Homeschool Curriculum Guidelines for educational ideas for each grade level.

Kindergarten Guidelines, click: Kindergarten Guidelines.

Grades One to Two Guidelines, click: Grades 1-2 Guidelines.

Grades Three to Four Guidelines, click: Grades 3-4 Guidelines.

Grades Five to Six Guidelines, click: Grades 5-6 Guidelines.

Grades Seven to Eight Guidelines, click: Grades 7-8 Guidelines.

Grades Nine to Ten Guidelines, click: Grades 9-10 Guidelines.

Grades Eleven to Twelve Guidelines, click: Grades 11-12 Guidelines.

Fun, Interesting Lessons

Use our Weekly Lessons to keep your homeschool fun and interesting. Use the Weekly Lessons as "pathways" to new adventures, helping your children to go further and to learn more.

Discuss your homeschool activities and curriculum with your children each week, and encourage them to share additional ideas on what they would like to learn. Remember that homeschooling is not "school at home."

For even more activities, remember to click the buttons in the menu on the left for:

    Summer Activities
    Weekly Challenges
    Daily Activities
    Activities Calendar
    Daily Writing
    Hands-On Activities
    Field Trips Online
    Unit Studies
    Books to Read
    Unschooling Activities, etc.

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Fun Learning

Our Fun Learning page provides fun, interesting educational activities and ideas that children enjoy!

Unschooling Activities

Our Unschooling page provides ideas, activities, and typical unschooling days for natural learning!