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July 2017
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Sample Some of Our Learning Activities!

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Ferris Wheels!
  • Have you ridden a Ferris wheel? Build your own mini Ferris wheel, find out when the Ferris wheel was invented, ride the Ferris wheel at a county fair, and read more about Ferris wheels at your local library.

      1. Ferris Wheel Invention: Click Here
      2. Build a Ferris Wheel: Click Here (PDF instructions)
      3. Watch how to make a Ferris Wheel: Click Here (short video)
      4. Read about Ferris Wheels: Books from your library could include Mr. Ferris and His Wheel and The Great Wheel, among others. Discuss inventions to better understand creativity, critical thinking, reasons for inventions, and other historical events from the era.

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Learn Math by Cooking!
  • What math skills can you learn by cooking and baking? How many tablespoons are in a cup? How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? If you double a recipe, or cut a recipe in half, what happens to the measurements? How are fractions helpful in baking? Have fun cooking up math, at the links below:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Hubble Telescope!
  • Make your own model of the Hubble Telescope. Learn more about the Hubble Telescope project, too. See the links below:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Build a DNA Model!
  • What is DNA? What do the letters stand for? What are the main components of DNA? How does DNA work? What does double helix mean? How is DNA evidence collected and used? Build your own DNA model, and learn more about DNA at the links below:

      1. Twizzlers - Gummy Bears DNA Model: Click Here (Model #1 at top of PDF)
      2. Pipe Cleaner - Pasta DNA Model: Click Here (Model #2 on the PDF)
      3. Sweet DNA Model: Click Here
      4. Paper-folding DNA Model: Click Here (PDF format)
      5. Learn about DNA: Click Here.

  • Homeschool Activity: Learn about Paper Structures!
  • Can flimsy paper support itself? Can it support objects heavier than itself? Why? How might you prove paper's ability to hold weight? What types of items can you create with paper? How are architects and engineers using paper and cardboard to design emergency shelters? What is "origamic architecture"? Try these hands-on activities, using paper, newspaper, and origamic architecture.

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Read a Book a Day!
  • This week, focus on reading one book per day. Then discuss what you like about the books. Which was your favorite book, and who was your favorite author? What have you learned from reading the books? Did the books inspire you to write similar stories or books? For several book suggestions, click the links below:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Famous Women!
  • View the lists of some famous women, at the links below. Or browse your local library for books and biographies on famous women.
    Create a display featuring a collage of favorite famous women, including photos, cutouts, silhouettes, descriptions, and your own replications or reproductions of things they accomplished. Or create a timeline of women in history.
    View Exhibits and Collections of photos and documents at the links below. Read the "Time for Kids" articles on Famous Women. Print the Activity Pages on Famous Women. Browse the Resources and more on Women in History, available at the History.net link, below.

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