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There's no "mystery" to getting started homeschooling! There are no "secrets." All the information you need is right here. In fact, here's how you can start homeschooling right now!

Weekly Lessons

If you're eager to provide fun, learning activities today -- and for each day this week, next week, and all through the homeschool year -- click on the Weekly Lessons for the desired grade level, below. You can easily subscribe and immediately access all the pages on our site. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Or, view some Free Sample Lessons first:

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  • for Examples of Weekly Lessons & Activities.

  • K-2 Weekly Lessons: Click here
  • for Kindergarten to Second Grade Lessons.

  • 3-6 Weekly Lessons: Click here
  • for Third Grade to Sixth Grade Lessons.

  • 6-9 Weekly Lessons: Click here
  • for Sixth Grade to Ninth Grade Lessons.

  • 9-12 Weekly Lessons: Click here
  • for Eighth Grade to Twelfth Grade Lessons.

    If you'd also like to provide Fun, Hands-On Activities or Unschooling Activities for your children, click the links below.

  • Hands-On Activities: Click here
  • for New Hands-On Projects.

  • Daily Creative Writing: Click here
  • for over 365 Writing Ideas and Story Prompts.

  • Educational Activity Calendar: Click here
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  • Unit Studies: Click here
  • for Unit Studies and Thematic Studies.

  • Unschooling Activities: Click here
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    Using This Site

    Our site is simple to use, and here we'll show you how.

    First, though, the best place to start is WITH your children. Discuss what THEY want to learn, what they want to do, regardless of their age.

    Remember that "homeschooling" is not "school at home." Rather, it is a natural part of living and learning each day. When families try to "school-at-home," both parents and children often end up disappointed, confused, or frustrated. That's why we are here for you.

    Keys to Success

    Flexibility, variety, and fun ways of learning ARE the KEYS to successful home education.

    Read some of the Free Articles on our "Articles" page, which are written by homeschooled youths, such as Andrew Tipping, Michelle Healey, and Hannah Glenn. Their first-hand experiences are very insightful. Simply click the "Articles" button in the menu on the left.

    If you're just starting out, it's helpful to check your state's homeschool regulations and see what they require. The state laws often sound intimidating, but generally they're quite simple to comply with. If you have questions about your state laws, e-mail us.

    Record-Keeping Tips

    In many cases, homeschool families keep a homeschool portfolio, which can include homeschool records. Our "Homeschool Forms" page includes printable Weekly Planner Sheets, Reading Logs, and other forms for our subscribers. Click the "Homeschool Forms" button in the menu on the left. You may use the Forms if you are unschooling, deschooling, homeschooling, or eclectic-schooling.

    Weekly Lessons & Homeschool Subjects

    To use our Weekly Lessons, click the Grades K-2 Lessons, Grades 3-8 Lessons, or Grades 8-12 Lessons and do the activities with your children. Start with Week 1 or start with any week.

    Or, you may click the Lessons by Subject, on our Home page, such as: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Life Skills & Health, Arts & Music. Then choose your grade level, and choose a topic or activity.

    New Educational Adventures

    Go as far as your children would like to go with the activities -- and, most importantly, let them branch off into any other directions. That's the beauty of homeschooling -- pursuing amazing paths and new adventures sparked by one small idea.

    Do the Weekly Challenges, the Hands-On Activities, the Daily Activities, Daily Writing Prompts, Field Trips, Unit Studies -- all are designed to provide ideas and inspiration that are interesting, enjoyable, and educational. Write down the activities your children do on the Weekly Planner Sheets from our "Homeschool Forms" page. (Older children can write down the activities they do each day or each week, to save you time.)

    We have a "Teens Place" page with more advanced educational activities and interesting topics for teenagers. And we have a "Preschool Place" to keep preschoolers learning while you're working with your older children.

    "Click & Do" Educational Activities

    The main goal of our site is "Click and Do." It's simple for working parents, single parents, stay-at-home parents. We provide hundreds of educational activities throughout each year to ensure continuous learning.

    Simply "Click and Do" the activities, and allow your children to learn, to explore, and to pursue the activities and special interests, or follow new ideas, as well. Help guide them along the exciting paths that inspire or enthuse them.

    Questions? Contact Us

    Feel free to e-mail us here at with any questions or help you need. Our contact information is on our "Contact Us" page.

    You Can Do It!

    Yes, whether you're a stay-at-home parent or working parent; the parent of an only child or of several children; whether you have a kindergartner or a 10-year-old, a pre-teen or a teenager, or you're helping your child prepare for college, you can start homeschooling today.

    Perhaps you don't have a lot of time to develop lesson plans right now. You just need something quick, but solid and dependable, to get your homeschool off to a fun, fabulous, flying start.

    Something to keep your children learning, thinking, and progressing in every subject area. Something that's truly affordable.

    Where To Start

    If registration and requirement information is not readily available, you can contact your local school district or State Department of Education for the information you need, regarding homeschooling rules and regulations in your state.

    Since regulations can change periodically, it's always best to contact your state or county educational department to verify current requirements. Some states have specific dates by which you must register, while others will accept homeschool registration at any time during the year.

    Most school districts and departments of education have a Homeschool Division, which is usually quite helpful to homeschoolers. To contact them, look under "School District of __[Your]__ County" in your local Yellow Pages phone book.

    If you can't find a Homeschool department, try contacting the Superintendent's office, the Assistant Superintendent, or the Educational Services department. Many school districts have a Curriculum Services department, too, which can be helpful in providing state curriculum guidelines and core standards.

    Note: You can also visit the "Homeschool Laws" link (on the left) to learn more about your state's regulations. However, don't let the "legalese" wording of the laws intimidate or overwhelm you. The laws are usually much simpler to follow than they sound!

    Contacting Support Groups

    Local homeschool families are a great source of information and support. They can help you understand your state's laws; explain what their typical homeschool days are like; describe their experiences with various curriculum, lesson plans, or unschooling methods; and provide valuable get-togethers, social activities, field trips, and more!

    To find homeschool groups in your area, contact your state's homeschool association. (Several are listed under the "Homeschool Groups" link on the left.) Another way to find local groups is to call your local public library, school district, churches, park and recreation departments, bookstores, local magazines or newspapers, etc.

    Homeschool support groups can provide information on registering with your particular school district, local umbrella schools or homeschool co-ops, and various types of curriculum or correspondence schools, which they've had experience with. They can provide first-hand information on complying with laws, keeping portfolios, and helpful insight on what their homeschool days are like.

    In homeschool support groups, you will find families who have been homeschooling for many years and families who are just starting out. You'll find families with young children and families with pre-teens and teenagers. In addition, your own children will make new friends of all ages, who are actively involved in their homeschool adventures and homeschool groups.

    The support group often offers curriculum fairs, a homeschool library with books to borrow or rent, educational field trips, and nature and science projects. Many offer drama, art, and band, sports and gymnastics, bowling and skating, picnics, dinners, and graduation ceremonies.

    You can also attend monthly meetings to discuss any concerns and to share your family's homeschool experiences with others. When you are in a homeschool support group, you are never alone.

    Ready to Begin!

    Now that you have contacted a homeschool group and researched your state's homeschool regulations, you are ready to begin your homeschool year. Relax and enjoy! Don't try to do too much your first year, and avoid turning your homeschool into "school at home."

    Let your children enjoy this learning experience. You'll be surprised at how much fun they'll have as they're learning -- and how much learning they'll accomplish because it's fun!

    Your Educational Philosophies and Goals

    You don't have to spend a lot of time determining your educational philosophies and goals. However, it's helpful to devote a few quiet moments to consider these. The Educational Philosophies Form (as well as other forms on our "Homeschool Forms" page) will help you think about and further develop your philosophies and goals, such as what you want your child's education to accomplish, how your child learns best, and more.

    Keeping Homeschool Records or a Homeschool Portfolio

    We make record-keeping easy! Just follow our Weekly Lesson Plans and jot down the activities and lessons you do each day (or each week) on our printable Weekly Planner Log Sheets. These are free for our Subscribers, on our "Homeschool Forms" page.

    Other printable forms include the Reading Log Sheets, Report Cards, High School Transcript Forms, Diploma examples, Notice of Intent to homeschool, and more. It couldn't be easier! And that's our goal -- to make homeschooling easy and affordable for your family!

    The Curriculum and Lesson Plans

    The fun begins! Your curriculum can be as easy and inexpensive, or as complex and costly, as you'd like! Or use our Weekly Lesson Plans to keep costs to a minimum. A few things to keep in mind as you proceed:

    • Always observe and consider how your child learns best

    • Allow your child to provide ideas and input on what he or she would like to learn

    • Remain flexible day-by-day and week-by-week

    • Remember that homeschooling is not "school at home"

    • Keep it fun and interesting!

    Read How to Use Our Site

    NOTE: Read Weekly Updates on our Lesson Plans and see what others have to say on our "Homeschool Message Board" by Clicking Here.

    Why Homeschool?

    A multitude of reasons abound for homeschooling! Some of the more popular reasons include:

  • To provide our children a superior education

  • To provide a safer, calmer environment that is more conducive to learning

  • To instill important morals and values in our children

  • To strengthen the family unit

  • To ensure proper social skills and socialization opportunities

  • To allow children the joy and freedom of exploring and learning

  • To help children hone important thinking and reasoning skills
  • To help our children learn how to learn, now and in the future

  • To enjoy these precious years with our children
  • And much more!

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