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August 2020
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Previews of Weekly Lessons


PREVIEW of WEEK 1 LESSONS. For each topic and lesson shown here, we provide activities, resources, games, books to read, and additional learning ideas for Grades K-12, from easier (for lower grade levels) to more advanced (for higher grade levels).

Language Arts, Reading, Writing:

    Reading: Aesop’s Fables. Week 1
    Reading: Animals. Week 1
    Reading: Classic Stories Online, from Fables to Dickens. Week 1
    Reading: World Regions. Week 1
    Recording & Discussing Daily Activities. Week 1
    Unit Studies. Week 1
    Writing Activities. Week 1

Social Studies, History, Geography:
    Geography: Animal Habitats of the World. Week 1
    Geography: Animals of the World. Week 1
    Geography: Habitats by Region. Week 1
    Geography: Regions of the World. Week 1
    Geography: Zoo Visits. Week 1
    Maps: Endangered Species. Week 1
    Unit Studies. Week 1
    Worksheets: Variety of Topics & Grade Levels, from History to Geography to Government & Economics. Week 1

Math & Reasoning Skills:
    Addition: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Algebra: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Decimals: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Division: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Fractions: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Geometric Shapes Activities. Week 1
    Geometry: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Graphing Practice. Week 1
    Math Challenge. Week 1
    Math Practice. Week 1
    Math Skills. Week 1
    Measurement: Activities. Week 1
    Measurement: Devising Methods. Week 1
    Multiplication: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Negative & Positive Numbers. Week 1
    Subtraction: Concepts/Practice. Week 1
    Tangrams. Week 1
    Telling Time. Week 1
    Worksheets: Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus. Week 1
    Worksheets: Variety of Math Concepts & Grade Levels. Week 1

Sciences & Thinking Skills:
    Animals of the World. Week 1
    Constellations: Activities. Week 1
    Constellations: Books to Read. Week 1
    Constellations: Games to Play. Week 1
    Constellations: Learning. Week 1
    Constellations: Viewers. Week 1
    Endangered Species Map. Week 1
    Habitats by Region. Week 1
    Hands-On Activities. Week 1
    Planetariums. Week 1
    Science Experiments. Week 1
    Science Journal: Writing or Illustrating. Week 1
    Worksheets: Variety of Topics & Grade Levels. Week 1

Life Skills, Health, & Safety:
    Cooking Skills. Week 1
    Healthy Cooking. Week 1
    Healthy Foods. Week 1
    Healthy Kids. Week 1
    Kids Cooking. Week 1
    Reading Cookbooks. Week 1
    Recipes. Week 1
    Self-Care for Parents. Week 1
    Teens Cooking. Week 1

Arts, Music, & Crafts:
    Art Activities: Exploring. Week 1
    Art Box: Creating. Week 1
    Art Game. Week 1
    Art Supplies & Ideas. Week 1
    Craft Supplies & Ideas. Week 1
    Crafts: Choosing Favorites. Week 1
    Crafts: Teen Crafts. Week 1
    Musical Instruments: Choosing Favorites. Week 1
    Musical Instruments: Learning About. Week 1

NOTE: Previews of other weeks will be forthcoming, as well as a comprehensive index of all the lessons in Week 1 - Week 36.

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