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March 2021
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Hands-On Activities

Science Fun at Home!

Learn these science concepts as you do these Home Experiments:

- Floating & Sinking, Fizzing & Foaming
- Light & Colors, Heat & Cold
- "Gluep" & Solids & Liquids
- Acids & Bases
- Water & Air
- Harness the Wind & Glow in the Dark
- Build a Motor & a Conductivity Tester
- Layer Liquids & Dance with Raisins
- And more!

Print this "Science Experiment" form to describe experiments and hypotheses: Click Here (PDF).

Make Crystal Creations!

Dip decorations and paper sculptures in a crystal solution. Then watch them crystallize!

Create your Crystal Solution by Clicking Here!

Do any of the Science Experiments in this section, by Clicking Here!

- Capturing Leaf Vapor
- Look-Alike Tests for Salt and Sugar
- Liquid Density Tests
- Water on the Move
- Balance and Gravity Tests
- Ocean in a Bottle
- Indoor Rain
- Stalactites and Stalagmites
- Super-Strong Egghell Arches
- And More! Simply Click Here!

Remember to describe your experiments in your Science Journal, or use our printable "Science Experiment" worksheets: Click Here (PDF).

Kitchen Science Experiments (Science, Chemistry, Physics)

Have fun and learn from these Kitchen Science Experiments!

- Jet Powered Boats
- Making Waves
- Losing Air
- Bouncing Soap
- Ghostly Windows
- Water Rockets
- Levitation
- Vortex Cannon
- Trebuchet and dozens more!

Select and Start Your Experiments: Click Here!

Activity: Make Silly Putty (Science)

Purpose: To see how ingredients bind together. Also, to observe and participate in the creation of a toy: Silly Putty.

Materials Needed:
  • 2 Tablespoons of white glue, such as Elmer's Glue
  • 2 Tablespoons of water
  • 2 teaspoons of borax (Caution: Adults only should handle the borax.)
  • A couple drops of food coloring
Place the white glue and water in a bowl and stir to blend. Add a couple drops of food coloring and stir in. Then have an adult add the borax and stir again. The mixture will begin to congeal.

Before playing with the putty, place it in a zip-lock style bag. Knead the putty through the bag to help wear off any excess food coloring. The putty can also be wiped clean with a damp disposable towel. After playing with the putty, place it in a clean zip-lock plastic bag to store.

Activity: World Toss (Geography / Social Studies)

Purpose: To learn about the continents, countries, cities, oceans, and rivers of the world.

Materials Needed:
  • Inflatable globe
  • World atlas, world map, encyclopedia, or Internet
  • Blank maps of the world, continents, or countries (or blank paper)
  • Optional: Books such as Usborne Geography or DK Geography of the World, or similar illustrated geography book
Toss the inflated globe back and forth. Have each person who catches the globe randomly point their finger at a spot on the globe.

Have that person name the place their finger has found, such as a country, city, river, bay, ocean. Have them tell something that they already know about that place.

Then have the person look up something new about that country, city, river, bay, or ocean, and discuss that. Have the person label the area on a blank map. (Or trace a map of the region onto a piece of paper, then label the area they found and discussed.)

Now toss the inflated globe to the next person, and continue on, learning more about different areas of the world.

Activity: Fun Science Experiments (Science, Chemistry, Physics)

Experiment with fun chemical reactions, physics, and more, with these Kid Science.

- Iso-Thixotropy (Properties of Fluids)
- Air Pressure
- Paper Airplanes
- Cartesian Diver (Buoyancy)
- Slime & Polymers
- Sound & Noise

Start doing these experiments today! Click here.

Activity: Hands-On Astronomy

Build a lunar settlement, create a simple rocket, make an astrolabe, and more!

- Explore Shadow Dances
- Find the Size of the Sun and Moon
- Build a Lunar Settlement
- Explore Meteoroids and Craters
- Launch a Simple Rocket
- Make a Simple Astrolabe
- Construct the Order of the Planets
- Determine the Size and Distance of the Planets, and More!

Start doing these fun projects today! Click here.

Activity: The Science of Baseball

Explore the Science of Baseball and see how the wind and atmospheric conditions affect the speed and direction of the ball. Try the activities yourself!

Experiment with your own Reaction Times with the "Fastball Reaction Time." Experiment with Momentum with "Putting Something on the Ball." See what causes Curveballs, Screwballs, Sliders. Learn about Sweet Spots and Handle Forces. Click Here to begin having fun with the Science of Baseball!

Take this activity even further by creating a Week-long Learning Theme or Month-long Unit Study on Baseball, incorporating Science, Math, History, Geography, Reading, Writing, Current Events, and more into your learning activities!

Activity: Make a Periscope (Science)

Make a periscope to see over walls or around corners: Click here.

Learn about light and reflection with this hands-on project!

More Fun Science Experiments (Science, Chemistry, Physics)

Learn science, chemistry, physics, and more, with dozens of these fun, hands-on experiments!

- Absorption
- Balancing & Gravity
- Bending Light
- Bouncing & Reflecting Light
- Colors
- Electricity
- Heat
- Magnetism
- Matter
- Mixtures
- Pressure
- Reactions
- Temperatures
- And more!

- Start doing these experiments today! Click here.

Activity: Easy Science Experiments

Learn about principles of physics, gravity, buoyancy, static electricity, and more with these fun experiments!

- Egg Drop Challenge
- Blobs in a Bottle
- Bend Water
- Build a Hovercraft
- Optical Illusions
- Dancing Ghosts
- And more!

- Start doing the experiments today! Click here.

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