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March 2021
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* Avoid Burnout and Boredom! Enjoy These Quick, Easy, & Educational Activities on:

  • Volcanoes

  • Geography Fun

  • Nest Building

  • Library Activities

  • Medieval Times & Castles

  • Renaissance Period

  • Weather, Clouds, & Storms

  • Water Cycle & Water Composition

  • Light & Color

  • Flight & Aerodynamics

  • Solar Energy

  • Animals & Birds

  • Lasers, And Much More!

They're All Free & Fun, Right Here: Free Homeschool Lessons

* Unit Studies! Remember to Try Our Unit Studies, too!

  • Gardening Unit Study

  • Weather Unit Study

  • Movies Unit Study

  • The 13 Colonies Unit Study

  • How to Create and Use Unit Studies

  • And More!

Unit studies (sometimes called Thematic Studies) are great for covering a lot of ground in every Subject area. Plus, children enjoy them, and your whole family will have fun, learning more than you ever imagined! It's Easy! Just Click the "Unit Studies" button in the menu on the left to get started today, or Click Here!

* Homeschool Blog: For more Homeschool Ideas, Homeschool Help, and Learning Ideas, read our Homeschool Blog. Just Click Here and bookmark the Homeschool Blog as a Favorite.

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