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"I had it 5 minutes, and I learned something -- and I have a master's degree! It's great!" -- Jennifer O.

"Over 1,000 learning activities!? Over 365 creative writing ideas!? For just $15.95!? I was skeptical... thought I'd check it out, anyway. WOW! It's true! And new ones are added every week! Best value anywhere! Thank you, Everything Homeschooling, for making homeschooling easy, fun, AND educational!" -- Melissa T.

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"Wonderful! All a HomeSchooler needs!" -- Patricia L.

"I love the Homeschool Curriculum... My children & I are truly grateful! Thanks!" -- Angela A.

"Great Site! Wished I could have found this years ago. Thanks!" -- Rose R.

"Exactly what we need! Thank you!" -- Heidi J.

"Thank you so much for making this affordable and available to families like ours!" -- Lynn B.

"2nd year member of your site. I luv it!" -- Rhonda C.

"Awesome Web site! Every homeschooling family needs this!" -- Pamela B.

"EXACTLY what I was wanting. Thanks so much! EXCELLENT!" -- Twila P.

"We're enjoying the online lessons along with The Everything Homeschooling Book." -- Connie V.

"WOW! Just left Web site. Am blown away with info! Great ideas for homeschool!" -- Debby C.

"Very extensive, supportive and encouraging!" -- Angela P.

"Great Web site for Homeschooling families!" -- Tina V.

"Definitely a great tool! Great service!" -- Melanie B.

"I love the subscription!" -- Tracy W.

"Very easy to use and informative Web site. Very Happy!" -- Milyn E.

"Great resource! So much information!" -- Seona R.

"Just as promised. Highly recommended!" -- Michael F.

"So much help with homeschooling!" -- Paola H.

"Great site! Able to use right away!" -- Kelley K.

"Very happy with purchase!" -- Lil C.

"Great Web site! Great service!" -- Tammy

"A lot of great info! Thank you!" -- Deanna J.

"Great resource! Thanks a million!" -- Sarah M.

"What a great site! Thank YOU!" -- Anna K.

"Great information. Thanks so much!" -- Beeta A.

"Wonderful! Thanks!" -- Sharon G.

"This site is great! Thank you!" -- Tammy W.

"AWESOME Web site!" -- Sandy S.

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